Delete GSA Wrong Application

How to Delete /Edit GSA Wrong Application (School Admission)

You have landed on the right page if you are searching to know about GSA wrong application delete and related processes. Today we are going to discuss this topic. In addition to that, we will explain about how to edit GSA wrong application.

As you know, GSA or Government school admission process has started on 25th November, and it will last up to 8th November. Students who want to get admitted into government or non-government schools have to fill the application form online before the deadline. But once you have entered any wrong information in the application, don’t’ feel hassled. You can get your solution from our website. Keep reading.

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How to Delete /Edit GSA Wrong Application

During GSA application time, many governments or non-government school admission candidates have filled with incorrect data in the form unwillingly. As all the information must be needed for admission, you just don’t have to avoid these. Anyway, stay with us to know how you can delete or edit your wrong application.

GSA Wrong Application Delete

If you want to delete your submitted GSA wrong application, you just have to go through the following processes:

  • First, visit
  • Here, as usual, you can see two options inboxes. One is for government application and other is for non-government admission candidates.
  • Select the option, which application you want to delete. If you have applied to a Government school, click the first box. Contrary, click on the 2nd option if you are a candidate for non-government school admission.
  • In the next window, you will find three dots in the menu bar. Click on this, and you can see several options there. Find the deletion option and select this.
  • Then, you will be asking for some information to fill it up. Enter user Id on the box. Also, enter your birth date in the 2nd box. After that, input your mobile number, which you have used in the application time.
  • Click on submit, and you can get the delete option quickly from this page.

That’s all about deleting your wrong GSA application.

সরকারি শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠানসমূহে ভুল আবেদন মুছে ফেলুন

বেসরকারি শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠানসমূহে ভুল আবেদন মুছে ফেলুন

Edit GSA Wrong Application

In the application time, you have to fill out the form with your pieces of information carefully. But sometimes, it seems that many candidates enter the wrong information mistakenly, which may probably create problems for the further admission process. So either they have to edit or delete this.

⇓ আমাদের Group-এ Join করুনঃ ভর্তির সকল গুরুত্বপূর্ন খবর পেতে ⇓

If you have input any incorrect data in the form and have not paid fees yet, you just have to delete the application by the above process because there is no edit option after submitting. When you delete the previous application, refill the form again with the correct information very carefully and submit it.

Last Word

Hopefully, our entire article has become much helpful to you. Yet you are facing any kind of problem, you may call customer care. You will easily find the customer care number on the GSA official website.